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EclipseCon France 2015 : Talks by Serlian Sun TAN about Cloud, live editing and pair programing

Congratulations to our Serlian Sun Seng David TAN !
He will present 2 talks for EclipseCon France 2014, in Toulouse.

EclipseCon France 2015, on June 24-25

EclipseCon France is the Eclipse Foundation's event dedicated to Eclipse Working Groups (such as PolarSys, Internet of Things, and Science) and is designed to create opportunities for the French and entire European Eclipse community to learn, explore, share, and collaborate on the latest ideas and information about Eclipse technologies, the Eclipse Working Groups, and Eclipse member companies (source : eclipsecon.org).

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Talk by Stevan Le MEUR #Codenvy and Sun TAN #Serli - June 24th
"Code in the Cloud with Eclipse Che"

Eclipse Che is a cloud IDE and a platform for creating cloud IDE extensions. Che ships with 55 extensions for Java, JavaScript, AngularJS, git, and Docker. Package your own Che extensions to create beautiful, cross-browser developer tooling.

The Che project contains a structured way to create server- and client-side extensions that are authored in Java, but generated as JavaScript, a set of standard developer-related REST APIs for interacting with development workflows, a large set of language & tooling extensions (Java, git, etc.), a default cloud IDE, and a developer environment cloud for scaling environments with large populations.

In this session, we'll show you how to use Che to create Java applications, introduce the Che architecture and provide a tutorial on building plug-ins and extensions to Che directly.

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Talk by Sun TAN #Serli - June 25th
"Live editing and pair programing with Eclipse Cloud Development top projects"

Che, Orion and Flux are part of the new Eclipse Cloud Development project. The mission of ECD is to create technologies, platforms, and tools necessary to enable the delivery of highly integrated cloud development and cloud developer environments.\ Our vision is to meet the needs of both the Eclipse tool-building community and its users by providing a comprehensive set of technologies that operate on top of cloud standards, cloud infrastructures (AWS, etc.), and cloud platforms (CloudFoundry, OpenShift, Stratos).

During this session, we will do a live demo of a prototype showing multi editing and real time collaboration from 3 different editors from the foundation: Che, Orion and Eclipse IDE.

The prototype will use a Flux micro service running inside a Che docker runner that will allow Orion, Eclipse IDE and Che editors to edit the same file in real time like in Google Docs.

Session Type : 35 minutes
Experience level : Intermediate
Tags : Cloud Development, flux, Orion, che, Docker

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