If you’re looking for a team who are up to the challenges of your project, you found it.

SERLI has been carrying out Research and Development for the biggest names in the Java ecosystem for over ten years. We’ve worked for Red Hat, Oracle and Google. Serlians work in the field of application servers, cloud computing, languages and IDE. 

They also work on innovative projects of many other companies from all sectors.


Web, mobile, embedded software: our software development experts build your software following agile methodologies to make sure you get the software you need.

Our developers are experts in cloud platforms, app servers, Java & Javascript frameworks. They are also mobile platform experts (native & Web).

We work hand in hand with you to make the right technical choices and then implement them :

  • Consulting
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Architecture
  • Migration to Cloud platforms
  • Search and Big Data solution integration


SERLI is also a training organization who custom design skill boosting courses and coaches your teams. 

We work with you to develop a support plan that leaves your team in full control of the best technologies and methodologies for your projects.
We propose trainings about :

  • Java
  • Alternative Languages
  • Web
  • Data
  • Mobile platforms
  • Software quality
  • Tools and Methods